If you have a qualifying disability, the British Columbia Provincial Government has a fuel tax rebate you may be eligible to register for. Once registered for the program you can apply for a refund of the provincial fuel tax you pay on fuel used in your vehicle based on your fuel receipts.
The refund program has a maximum refund amount of $500 for each calender year.
The criteria for qualifying is that you must have a qualifying disability , be over 16 years of age, and be a registered owner or have a joint ownership interest in a motor vehicle.
In most cases if you qualify for the disability tax credit then you would qualify for the fuel tax rebate program. The fuel tax rebate program includes mental disabilities as well as physical disablities. We provide assistance with the claim process as there are other specific documents that can help you to qualify is certain cases.
The process for registering is to fill in an application which is available online or at any Service Canada BC Centre. The necessary documents that are required are your drivers license, vehicle registration, and a doctors certification of your disability on the registration forms for the fuel rebate program.
The period for which you qualify is also important because you may claim a maximum of four years of fuel rebates ( $2000 Maximum) depending on your effective date of qualification. The claim must be supported by original fuel receipts, but an exception may be made for the period prior to getting your registration confirmation letter for the program. 
Please contact us for further information or assistance with filling out the forms and getting registered for the fuel tax rebate program. 


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