Breaking News - This report was published just recently. It is most likely not that much of a shock to discover that housing is overpriced in Canada. I personally have had a home listed for a few months now and recently dropped the price. There has been very little activity on this listing even with a price drop. Our place is in Chilliwack , BC. It is not a major center , but is growing with new residents moving from the cities and other parts of Canada and there is demand, but the buyers are looking for deals.

Housing Prices: A 24% Decline Coming?
Over the years, the wealth of Canadians has grown due in great part to increases in housing values. But, as the Governor of the Bank of Canada, Mark Carney, pointed out last month, a correction to the housing market in Canada is a distinct possibility. An increase in interest rates and a housing correction could change things in a hurry. Canadians should pay attention to debt reduction as a sure way to increase net worth.

This is backed up by a report by The Economist, which has just published a survey of global house prices in which it compares the ratio of current house prices with rents: .

It determined that Canadian houses are overvalued by almost 24%. Certainly a decline in housing activity would diminish the net worth of many Canadians, yet another potential blow to those contemplating pre-retirement.

According to Statistics Canada, the benchmark of housing affordability is 30% of income. One in five Canadians exceed this threshold with single people, single-parent families, renters, home owners with mortgages and recent immigrants making up a large part of this group. More Canadians own homes than rent them and this has increased since 1986. However, household debt increased to $145 for every $100 of disposable income in 2009, up from $139 in 2008. 

Now is the the time to find ways to shore up wealth by minimizing costs and debt, and increasing tax efficiency of income—both passive and active. There are several ways to increase tax efficiency of investments and protect you capital. For more information contact us!



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